In the era of dynamically developing unmanned systems and standoff ammunition, special attention should be concentrated on a new way to increase the viability of aviation differ from the concept of centralized single-capability air bases with advanced anti-aircraft systems. The concept of diversification of airports and landing sites, with the simultaneous location of multi-domain aviation task forces there, creates information saturation of the potential enemy and increases survivability of the force. Air bases become centers responsible  for development of capabilities  in order to establish properly prepared air forces task groups, capable to operate both closer to the FEBA (Forward Edge of Battle Area) and deeper into the own territory. This requires the creation of decentralized appropriate multi-domain logistics support systems. Provision based on autonomous logistic elements composed with resource packages located at appropriate operation level to firmly, flexibly and quickly secure aviation operations. The key is to depart from the philosophy of conducting operations, using specialized task groups of people and equipment, towards comprehensive multimodal and modular packages of combat and logistic capabilities.


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